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Find the discounted hairdressing chairs, shampoo basins with massage or hairdressing washes with leg raises, moreover, in our online shop you can also find accessories such as the hairdryer or the digital thermostimulator.

Hairdresser furniture deals with hairdressing furniture at 360 degrees, from the salon project to the creation of custom-made furniture for hairdressers.

Our shop online hairdressing furniture allows you to buy salon furniture online where you can find work chairs, wash units, wash chairs, workstations, work shelves, foot rests, hair dryers, cash desk furniture, waiting sofas.

Our staff also offers a turnkey salon service starting from the design of the complete salon up to the delivery and installation of the furnishings.


They are an absolutely necessary piece of furniture to open a hairdressing salon, some call it a work shelf that is the preparation of the mirror and armchair to perform the services.

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There are two types of work shelves: the wall work shelf, especially useful for those who have little space or want to make the most of the one available in the living room and the work island, more scenic but sometimes more demanding in terms of space. busy. The hairdresser's workstations reflect somewhat the style and tastes of the salon owner who will use them, as the salon furniture components are most noticeable, you must choose them calmly, trying to represent your own style of work.

Generally, a young hairdresser, with a young clientele and open to alternative styles, can choose for their salon: a wall-mounted workstation, with a backlit sandblasted mirror, a black armchair in plastic or imitation leather and a footrest and worktop in metal. satin or polished chrome.


Hairdressing chairs are essential for a correct workstation. They are designed and made explicitly for this job, they serve to ensure a high level of comfort for both customers and hairdressers.

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The hairdressing chairs can be unisex chairs, or hairdressing chairs for women, or hairdressing chairs for men and finally barber chairs.

There are chairs of refined design, extremely comfortable, with a resin structure, with accessories in aluminum or chromed metal and upholstery in fabric, imitation leather or leather. The choice for the purchase of a hairdressing chair must take into account not only the design but must be evaluated, for example, the possibility of having the hydraulic pump with or without block. In these models, the stem of the chair is equipped with a hydraulic lever pump that moves the seat to various heights. Men's armchairs, also known as barber chairs, are often different from women's chairs.

The integrated headrest and footrest, generally not necessary for customers and then reclining backrest, useful for obtaining an optimal position during shaving.

The men's armchairs are also equipped with a hydraulic pump adjustment system, which can be operated by means of a hand or foot lever. Some sophisticated models or with a more refined design, are equipped with a hairdryer holder or embellished with wood inlays. Choosing the optimal hairdressing chair depends not only on the budget but also on the style of the surrounding environment; the furnishings of the whole hall must be as harmonious and uniform as possible. Finally, there are unisex seating models: these are men's armchairs also designed for a female audience.

The make-up or beauty chair is used for make-up operations, eyebrow care or similar aesthetic interventions, it is very useful for the customer to sit on an armchair with a reclining back.


This is how the stations dedicated to hair washing are indicated, meaning the sink furniture intended for washing and shampooing. According to the needs of the salon, single or bulk washes can also be purchased.

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The first type is generally equipped with an armchair inserted in a structure at the end of which the ceramic washbasin tub is positioned, that is a tilting white basin to adapt well to the customers' neck and prevent the washing water from sliding on the neck, wetting the clothes .

The washes in block generally consist of two or more armchairs inserted in a single structure.
The mixer equipped with an extractable shower must be of the single-lever type as it can be adjusted with one hand.
The most modern hairdressing salon trends push to create oases of beauty and relaxation for which the designers of components for hairdressers design and carry out washes equipped with all the comforts.

The shampoo units with shiatsu massage, for example, which thanks to their pre-set programs, give a soft massage to the client sitting in the shampoo. The air massage chair is also activated remotely, as it is equipped with a remote control. When buying washes, also consider the purchase of a countertop and a backwash cabinet and towel holder. Some washing models are equipped with a towel holder and a bottle holder suitable for containing detergent products.

There are backwash units equipped with drawers, in varnished veneer or rosewood or real structures with shelves and doors in laminate in different colors. Some of these can be equipped with a sink and a worktop to prepare dyes and other aesthetic treatments. The optimal placement of this furniture is behind the washes.